How We’ve Been Supporting Health Agencies Nationwide

Sweeps Runs on Your Server, Desktop, Laptop or Windows Tablet. It Maintains and Reports…

  • Establishments
  • Inspections
  • Accounts Receivable and Permitting
  • Complaint/Code Enforcement Details and Correspondence
  • Food Handler/Manager Registration

Establishment Tracking

The Master File Record module (MFR) is used to track information about establishments that you permit and inspect on a scheduled basis. MFR information is organized into two sections: site information and inventory information.

Site information is general information about an establishment—name, address, phone number, owner’s info, billing info, etc.

Inventory information is where you will find program-specific information—food, pools, child care, etc. A single site can have as many inventories in as many programs as you need. Each inventory screen is customized to fit your specific program and can contain fields that are common to all programs.

Reports are generated to provide you with statistical analysis and detailed listings through our user-friendly setup screens. You have the option of viewing all reports before printing. You can also attach pictures, scanned images and documents to both site and inventory records.

DAR/Field Inspections

The Daily Activity Reporting (DAR) and Field Inspection component provides an accurate record of all work performed by employees sorted by establishment and program. DARs also allow you to track time accounting information such as vacation time, consultations and meetings. You can attach pictures, scanned images and documents to inspections and specific violations.

  • Justifies Fees by Recording Employee Time and Cost by Program and Establishment Type.
  • Reduces Customer Confusion by Printing Accurate, Readable Reports On Site.
  • Equips Inspectors with Standardized Explanations of Violations and Required Corrective Actions.
  • Facilitates Inspector Workload with a Personalized List of Inspections Due.
  • Helps Managers Determine Employee Workload, Evaluate Programs, Set Fees and Plan Budgets

Billing, A/R, Permitting

All financial transactions are processed through the billing, accounts receivable and permit printing module.

Our user-friendly setup screens allow you to generate invoices for annual permits and non-permit items such as re-inspections and changes of ownership.

Comprehensive accounts receivable including aging reports, activity reports and past due statements are available for all programs.

Permits that are customized to each agency are created based on your invoices or directly from the establishment information. Permit design can be different for each program.

Late payment penalties can be assessed and posted to the accounts. Revenue analysis by program and audit trail journals assist with budget calculations and collection of late payments.

Registration Cards

The Reg Cards component was designed for our customers who are required to give training and issue cards or certificates for food handlers, food managers, child care workers, pool operators or any other worker/operator that require registrations or certifications.

Information is maintained about the applicant (worker), the type of card and the workplace.

Cards are customized for each agency and multiple card types can be assigned to each program.

Detailed and statistical reports can be printed by applicant and/or card type as well as revenue reports.

IR/CE (Complaint)

The Investigation Request/Code Enforcement (Complaint) module allows you to record, assign and track a complaint or code enforcement activity against any address or location.

Customized response and follow-up letters can be automatically generated based on the complaint type.

Information is captured and reports are generated by: requested by (complainant), regarding (complained about), responsible party(s) (owners), complaint type, actions taken and the status of the complaint.

Key Benefits

  • Conveniently Stores All Your Reports
  • One Low-Cost Setup Fee
  • Toll-Free Technical Support
  • Regular Software Updates
  • Ongoing Training
  • On-Site Installation

An Essential Tool
for Health Agencies

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